Victor Segalen Centenary - Ecole des filles

Victor Segalen Centenary - Ecole des filles

05.30 - 06.02.2019

From May 30th to June 2th 2019, the commemoration of Victor Segalen's death will take place at Ecole des filles, in Huelgoat, under the double sponsorships of Erik Orsenna and Christian Doumet. Titled Victor Segalen in his last decor, fifteen speakers, a musical ensemble, readings and workshops will honour during 4 days the doctor, sinologist, poet, died on May 21th 1919 near to Ecole des filles.

This Centenary will be a key moment of program and for the nation. Indeed, the 8 January 2018 the president Emmanuel Macron honored him in a speech at Xi'an: ... like a neighbour Victor Segalen, came to search in China the bricks and the tiles of her poetry and discover here, in Xi'an, the stale and rich smell of buried centuries.

Pedagogical and collegial projects will also be present during this event, with Opium philosophy student magazineAssociation Victor Segalen, Victor Segalen University (UBO) and Jean-Jaurès College in Huelgoat.

Two college classes with her French teacher develop three lines of thought around Segalen, which will be present during the Centenary. Furthermore, during these 4 days, different actors associated of event will offer workshops for all publics, like initiation to philosophy, discovery of classical music at time of Segalen, meetings with authors. This approach correspond to the culture and education project of this old village schoolhouse for young girls, built on 1910 and rehabilitate into art space. The site vocation is the democratization of culture, especially by readings, but also by value story and memory of territory.

Every year, since 7 years, during the Ascension Day, the Association Amis de l'Ecole des filles organize into art space the Meetings Victor Segalen in honour of this major figure of international literature, died in Huelgoat forest. This event is the strating point to Summer of 13 sundays Festival (May-September) sponsored by Mona Ozouf and Alain Rey.


Thursday May 30th
Rythme de l'ailleurs
Huelgoat College - Inauguration de la fresque et récital d'Equipée
François Cheng - Paroles de centenaire (texte inédit)

Quatuor Segalen (Dominique Lelong, Guillaume Lelong, Brieuc Segalen, Corentin Segalen) - Le voyage en Chine 1909
Colette Camelin - Le rythme de Thibet

Friday May 31th
Rythme de vie. Rythme de l'oeuvre
Marie Dollé - Rythme biographique, rythme de la réception de l'oeuvre
Philippe Postel - Vies rêvées de Victor

Opium Magazine - Vie et création : quel rythme ?
Cécile Coulon - La marathon d'un écrivain
Gisèle Bienne - Blaise Cendrars, l'homme rythme

Saturday June 1th
Rythme des formes
Opium Magazine - Segalen et le monde contemporain : hors tempo ?
Caroline Stein - L'oeuvre photographique de Segalen
Alain Rey - Le voyage des formes

Sunday June 2th
Rythme musical. Un monde sonore
Christian Doumet - Rythmes de la phrase chez Segalen
Jacques Bonnaffé - Lectures de Stèles
Ensemble Gustave - Jean Cras, Benoît Menut, Joseph-Guy Roprartz
Benoît Menut - La Bretagne par l'ailleurs, la Bretagne parle ailleurs

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