Choi Jun Kun
(1965, Jeju Island, Korea)

Choi?s landscape consists of many frames, or it is one whole single frame. Together, they compose a part of the coast of Jeju Island in South Korea but can also represent the internal landscape of the painter as well as the one of the spectator who is looking at the work.

Choirs painting erases the presence of objects at the same time allows them to exist. In this contradiction, the rocks have lost their existence in its current form, rather claiming blackness. The white, in the same way, claims not to be the sky or the sea, but only the white colour. And then the blackness becomes a rock and the white becomes the background. His painting is positioned in between the two achromatic colours. In contrast to his paintings in the past, these paintings exhibit more succinctness and more simplicity. This simplicity is the consequence of the power of elapsed time.

Created with Indian ink, the artist manages to make us feel the weight of these rocks that seemed to levitate in this extremely refined Zen garden.

Exhibitions selected

Solo exhibition

2016 - Sea, Galerie Françoise Livinec, Paris, France
2011 solo exhibition JJ Joong Jung gallery, Seoul, Korea
2009 solo exhibition Weibang gallery, Seoul, Korea
2001 solo exhibition Deokweon gallery, Seoul, Korea
1996 solo exhibition Samjoung art space, Seoul, Korea
1995 solo exhibition Namu gallery, Seoul, Korea

Group exhibition

2017 - Ailleurs est ici, École des Filles-Espace d'art, Huelgoat
2017 - Art Paris Art Fair, Paris
2016 - 100 ans de stèles, Françoise Livinec Gallery, Paris, France
2016 - L'attrape-Feu, l'art réenchante le monde, Ecole des filles, Huelgoat, France
2016 - Art Paris Art Fair, Françoise Livinec Gallery,, Paris, France
2015- Art Paris Art Fair, Françoise Livinec Gallery,, Paris, France
2012 Korean Zone ? Mind shadowing into Things. Beijing,China
2012 raugallery invitational exhibition raugallery
2012 aphetagallery open exhibition aphetagallery
2011 adagio non molto, EON Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2011 Muan Seungwoo Oh Museum of Art, Muan, Korea
2011 Stone. Water. Moon, JJ joong jung Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2011 Korea, Japan contemporary art exhibition, Seoul, Korea
2011 April..., gallery sup, Seoul, Korea
2011 art of life, gaga gallery, Seoul, Korea
2010 Korea, Japan contemporary art exhibition, Tokyo, Japan