Chae Sung-Pil


Chae Sung-Pil,

(born in 1972, Jindo,Korea)

A graduate in oriental paintings from Seoul National University, Chae Sung-Pil is a doctoral candidate for Plastic Arts in the Université Paris. He holds an MA and BA from Seoul National University and a second Masters from Université Rennes. Chae Sung Pil is known for his use of soil to create images of landscapes. When Chae creates works of landscapes not only does his use of soil make his works so unique, but also the subject matters within his works. Especially in an industrialized society, it is difficult to see traditional eastern depictions of landscape settings, such as mountains or hills. Chae uses soil to express his childhood memories and longing to go back to his homeland after many years of living abroad. Chae particularly focuses on his choice of media and collects soil from different parts of the world. He then uses the collected soil to create his own paint and also works with gold and silver dust. Chae creates visual displays of tautology, where his mountains are made of earth and land is made up of soil ,crafting the 3rd dimension on a two dimensional plane that one could almost meander through the barren landscapes. Chae uses his 'spilling method' in which he drips water onto his works to create a marvellous depiction of land and earth. Though the media he uses appears ordinary or mundane, he encompasses all the five elements of nature in his works whereby he utilises parts of nature to create his works, including paper, which is ultimately created from wood, fire, silver dust made from metal, soil, and water. As everyone is influenced by their own culture and environment depending on where they grew up or lived, therefore have their own memories concerning their surroundings, Chae aims to stir a sense of nostalgia and longing for the past among the people who view his works. Chae?s works have been exhibited in Asia and Europe. He has had solo exhibitions throughout France, South Korea and China and took part in the 2014 London Art Fair, 2012 Art Basel and 2011 London Art Fair as of late. Chae currently resides in Paris.

Exhibitions selected

Solo Exhibitions :

2017 -  Histoire de bleu, Opera, Séoul
2015 - Galerie Red Zone Art, Genève, Suisse
2015 - Galerie Opera, Dubai, Emirats Arabes Unis
2015 - Galerie CC, Séoul, Korea
2015 - Terre anonyme, Baudoin lebon, Paris
2014 - Galerie Shchukin, Paris
2013 - Gallery 89, Paris
2011 - Youngeun Museum, Gwangju Gyeonggi-do, Korea
2011 - Space the Tree, Séoul, Korea
2010 - Galerie Christine Park, Paris
2010 - Gallery AROA, Paris
2007 - Chines Ink and the Scent, Galerie AROA, Paris

Group Exhibitions  :

2017 - Chae Sung-Pil & Lee Gil Rae, Opera, New York

2015 -  Peintres Coréens, Musée Cernuschi, Paris
2012 - Musée de Hangalam, Séoul, Korea
2011 - Galerie Pao, Hong Kong
2011 - Musée d?Young-Eun, Seoul, Korea
2008 -  Gallery I, Séoul, Korea
2002 - From Korea to Japan, Gallery Chuwha, Tokyo
2002 - Borne-sur la terre, Galerie Gong, Séoul, Korea
2001 - De la terre a ciel, Galerie Ghuwha, Tokyo, Japan
1999 - The New Shape, Gallery Dukwon, Séoul, Korea

Collections :
Young-Woul Museum, Korea

Art Fairs :
2016 - Art Busan, avec baudoin lebon, Busan, Korea
2016 - Art Paris, avec baudoin lebon, Paris, France
2014 -  London Art Fair, London
2013 -  KIAF , Séoul, Korea
2009 - CIGE(China International Gallery Exhibition)
2009 - Chicago Art Fair
2009 - ArtBasel Miami