Woong Joo Seo

( born in 1981, Korea )

Woong Joo Seo, born in 1981, in Seoul, provides quite unique works in response to the countless images produced by our contemporary society.

He reinvents all the elements of his diverse heritage: the radicalism of conceptual minimalism, the spiritual mystery of abstraction, the inner energy of the monochrome and the poetry of hyperrealism.

Thanks to photography, he suspends the  reality, which is always moving and is overloaded with symbols. Through some computer tools, he creates a different image, staged in the strange beauty of a rustle. Then, he abandons any technological help to begin a long creative process, first in pencil and then in oil, placing the act of painting back in the heart of the work.

Renewing contemporary Korean painting, his works have been incorporated in the collections of the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Seoul.

Exhibitions selected

2017 - Crumpled stripe, Gallery Gabi, Seoul
2015 - Solo Show, Sart Gallery, Seoul
2011 - The crumplation, Soul Art Space, Pusan
2011 - The crumplation, Jinsun gallery, Seoul
2011 - The crumplation, Eve Gallery, Seoul




National Museum of Art Modern and Contemporary  art of  Séoul, Korea