Pierre Tal-Coat, born in 1905 in Clohars-Carnoët (1905-1985)

Tal Coat, this assumed name meaning "wood forehead", shows the affection the artist had for nature.

" He is an tireless surveyor feeling with his body the space that he appropriates. He grasps the contours of a landscape, its contrasts, its harmonies, the spirit of a nature that evades to his sight, because it is internal. Little by little, the figure fades in favour of the material, without rupture, by sliding.

(extract by Marie-Françoise Le Saux, « Tal Coat chez les géants », in Pierre qui roule, les figures du paysage, 2012, Françoise Livinec Editions)

The internalized landscapes of Tal Coat lead to a strong and very personal expression that guaranteed to him the admiration of his contemporaries.