Kim Dae-Soo
(1955, Seoul, Korea)

Born in 1955, Kim Dae-Soo began his studies of photography at the prestigious Hongik University, then he ended his training at the Parsons School and at the Pratt Institute, in New York. Back in Korea, he became himself photography teacher. For 10 years, Kim Dae-Soo explores the aesthetical features of the bamboo that symbolize the rectitude of the man. His work on the pause time and on the inversion in negative enables him to reverse our vision of the world and his reversed photographs refer to the interaction between Yin and Yang, and so stage the Extreme-Orient metaphysics in an abstract way, that is to say geometrical. Kim Dae-Soo explores the deep and sacred relation of the man with nature. He produces a disturbing work, between abstraction and figuration.

Exhibitions selected

Solo exhibitions

2015 - Museum of Photography, Busan
2014 - Dae Soo Kim , Gallery IBU, Paris
2013 - Trees from the People , Artpark Gallery, Seoul
2010 - Colors of the Bamboo, Gallery IHN, Seoul
2007 - DaeSoo Kim Photo Work, Mac Gallery, Busan
2006 - Sky Meditation , White Wall Gallery, Seoul
2004 - Sky, Winds, Stars, and Me, Kim Youngsub Photogallery, Seoul
2012 - Listen to the Bamboos, Gallery Eulenspiegel, Gallery Heuberg 24, Basel
2003 - Trees from the People, Keumsan Gallery, Seoul
2000 - The Tale of Three Trees, Sajinmadang, Seoul


2016 - L'attrape-Feu - L'art réenchante le monde, École des filles, Huelgoat
2015 - Briser le toit de la maison - Le sacré dans l'art, École des filles, Huelgoat
2014 -Korean Beauty: Two Kind of Nature, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art
2013/2014 - The Wind that Wakes the Bamboo, Gwangju National Museum, Gwangju
2012 -Korea International Art Fair, Coex A & B Hall, Seoul
2011 - Korean Spirit, Six Photographers, AramNuri Arts Center
2010 -Hong Kong International Art Fair, Hong Kong Convention Center, Hong Kong
2009 - Seoul International Print-Photo Art Fair, Seoul Art Center, Seoul
2008 - Mori Art Museum, Hokkaido, Japan
2006 - Camera Work, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
2005 - A Variety of Korean Art, Kumho Museum, Seoul
2004 - Looking Inside, Baeksang Memorial Hall, Seoul
2003 - This Is Landscape, Choheung Gallery, Seoul