FelicitÓ 2019 - Leah Desmousseaux
  • Leah Desmousseaux,

FelicitÓ 2019 - Leah Desmousseaux

10.11 - 11.10.2019

Extra muros

For the first time, the FelicitÓ exhibition will bring together graduate students of the Beaux-Arts of Paris and the Beaux-Arts of Nantes, about forty young artists having obtained the congratulations of the professional juries. The exhibition will be developed in all areas of the Palais des Beaux-Arts and will thus offer a broad overview of contemporary creation as represented by a young generation of artists.

Artist Leah Desmousseaux will present an excerpt from her series L'Horizon des ÚvÚnements, awarded in 2018 by ArtStudentsWeek, as well as her latest research on cyanotype. At the crossroads of digital and analog techniques, this ancient monochrome blue process allows the production of large prints that explore the materiality and space of the image by fragmentation and erosion processes, in close relationship with the photographed archaeological remains.á