Jang Kwang-Bum
(born in 1972, Seoul, Korea)

Currently showing at the gallery, Ailleurs est ici

Jang Kwang-Bum obtained his degree in Plastic Arts in Seoul and later, in order to switch from practice to theory, - a doctorate in aesthetic in Paris (where he has been living since 2007).

The artist lives and works between two worlds: Korean and Western. His works are linked with the monochrome movement of the Dansaekhwa, monochrome, abstract and contemplative. At the same time, he finds his inspiration in the impressionist paintings of Monet with the observation of the nature and the multiples variations of colour. He is obsessed with the idea of showing time and its flow; that leed him to the development of his technique of paintings: he first applies numerous layers of acrylic paint on the canvas and then continue meticulously applies sanding in order to remove the material. The marvellous final result is a tangible form of time which moves in front of the audience.

Exhibitions selected


2022 - Finalist International Contemporary Art Competition

2022 - Montagnes fluides, Gallery Françoise Livinec, Paris
2021 - Montagne, Espace icare, Paris
2018 - Île irisée, Gallery Françoise Livinec, Paris
2016 - Jardin d'eau, Gallery Françoise Livinec, Paris
2015 - Phéna, Gallery Iconoclastes, Paris
2014 - Bleu Poncé, Gallery Iconoclastes, Paris
2013 - Trace du temps, Gallery 89, Paris
2012 - Mur Liquide, Korean Cultural Center, Paris



2022 - Art Paris Art Fair, Paris
2021 - La biennale de Paris, Paris

2021 - Art Paris, Gallery Françoise Livinec, Paris
2018 - Je(ux) est un autre, Museum of Carte à jouer, Paris
2017 - Comme un paysage, Gallery Françoise Livinec, Paris
2017 - Ailleurs est ici, School of girls - Ary Space, Huelgoat
2016 - 100 ans de stèles, Gallery Françoise Livinec, Paris
2016 - L'attrape-Feu, l'art réenchante le monde, school of girls, Huelgoat
2016 - La Corée entre tradition et modernité, house of arts, Antony
2015 - Sens croisés, Gallery Cité internationale des arts, Paris
2015 - Poche Corée, Johnson & Johnson, lssy-les-Moulineau
2015 - Exploiter ou explorer ? L'aventure du trait, Gallery Soufflot, Paris
2015 - Temps pour deux, gallery 89, Paris
2015 - 2015's new artists : Miguel Vallinas & Kwang Bum Jang, gallery K+Y, Paris
2014 - Entre-deux, gallery Michel Journiac, Paris
2014 - Papiers, Orangerie-Espace Tourlière, Verrières-le Buisson
2014 - Group Exhibition at l'Hôtel de Paris, Monte-Carlo, Monaco
2013 - AJAC Anniversaire 30e, Gallery Cité internationale des arts, Paris
2012 - Marabout, bout d'ficelle, Korean Cultural Center, Paris
2011 - En-Tête, Week of Arts Exhibition at 6B, quai de Seine, Saint-Denis
2011 - Intime/Extime, CKorean Cultural Center, Paris
2010 - Corps oniriques, Eclairs d'utopies, Korean Cultural Center, Paris
2009 - International Painting Festival (Invited country : South Korea),Paris
2009 - Ensemble pour l'Europe, la Chapelle des Anges, Paris
2009 - Exposition collective - French Cultural Center, Coree du Sud
2008 - Novembre à Vitry, municipal gallery Jean-Collet, Vitry-sur-Seine