Dorothy Napangardi
(around 1950, close from Mina Mina, Australia - 2013, Northern Territory)

Dorothy Napangardi is born around 1952 close from Mina Mina, in the West of Yuendumu. Se lived in a traditional way with her family until 1962. Dorothy?s father is a known initiated person; she inherited of his rights on the sacred sites of Mina Mina. This site is very important for Warlpiri, Luritja and Anmatyerre. It is the origin of numerous traditional stories that inspired Dorothy in her works.

In 1998, Dorothy changed her style. The very rich and very colourful style of Warlpiri is replaced by a very original work, more personal, with which she won twice prices at the Telstra Awards and became famous in the Australian artistic stage. White dots cover the canvas by separating it in small areas, as a mosaic. Colours and contrasts become subtler.

Today, his works are part of the important collections of Aboriginal art in Australian museums and in the foundation Kelton.

Exhibitions selected

 Collections :

National Gallery of Australia, Adelaide
National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne
Museum and art Galleries of the Northern Territory, Darwin
Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide
Australian Council, Queensland Museum
Kaplan Levi Coll, USA
Richard Kelton Coll Foundation, USA
Linden Museum, Allemagne
Artbank, Sydney
Musée des Confluences, Lyon