Rabi Koria
(born in 1988, Syria)

At a very young age Rabi Koria was forced to flee Syria with his family, leaving behind his history and heritage.
In the Netherlands, after dedicating himself to graffiti for some time, he entered the University of Fine Arts, looking for some new ways to express a personal tension between East and West.
With great freedom and inventiveness, he plays with traditional Arabian ceramics and calligraphy, creating a mirror effect between the traditions of oriental ornamentation, the oldest form of abstraction, and the energy of a really contemporary painting.

His work, at the crossroads of a deep commitment in his time and of a striking and unique esthetics, was awarded in 2015 by the Royal Award for Modern Painting, the highest artistic distinction attributed by the king of the Netherlands.

Exhibitions selected


2017 - Ailleurs est ici, École des Filles, Huelgoat
2016 - Beirut Art Fair, Beirut International Exhibition & Leisure Center, Beyrouth
2016 - De Belofte-Pop up, Kunstliefde, Utrecht
2015 - PAN Artfair, JanKnegt Gallery, Amsterdam
2015 - NEWFANGLED, Galerie Sanaa, Utrecht
2015 - Royal Club, Academiegalerie, Utrecht
2015 -Koninklijke prijs voor de vrije schilderkunst 2015, Paleis op de Dam, Amsterdam
2015 - First Blood, Galerie Sanaa, Utrecht
2015 - HKU TWG 2015, graduation show, Utrecht
2015 - De stad in MIJ, Museum Ijsselstein
2015 - Geef Joodse kinderen hun gezicht terug, Podium Oost, Utrecht
2015 - 36 days of painting, Academiegalerie, Utrecht
2013 - Dark Matters, TENT Rotterdam
2013 - SHOWROOM, Bikewars, de Bilt
2013 - Zeichnung, Bezeichnung, Flutgraben, Berlijn
2009 - Open parks, Spoor Noord, Antwerpen


2015- Royal Award for Modern Painting


2015 - Catalogue Koninklijke prijs voor de vrije schilderkunst