Heun Lee

( born in 1984, Seoul, Korea )

Lee Heum's artworks show off abstract beauty, based on the realistic images of candies or cakes that he has been drawing. The individual forms of expressions are random, accidental patterns that do not bring up any particular images. They are drawings of certain shapes produced by computer programs rather than involving traditional canvas. Through this artwork, the artist wants to show that abstract painting is not only spontaneous work on canvas, but it is the idea itself that artists have in their mind. Therefore, some works are named 'Real Abstraction', a compound word of 'Realism' and 'Abstraction'. Lee Heum is particularly interested in 'drawing an abstract painting'. He implements certain shapes, created by his aesthetical senses, on the computer beforehand and then draws the products on the canvas. This process offers a different angle toward aesthetic standards, in that mechanized process and handcraft works that seem contradictory are place together. Have you ever thought about the fact that we are already accustomed to artificial senses? Most of the things we see are somewhat artificial. The images in the exhibition are to realize the fresh aesthetic shapes by distorting candy images that the painter had been working on.

Exhibitions selected

Solo exhibitions

2017 - Sweets, Sweeat, Kunstl, Seoul, Korea

2017 - Real + Abstraction, Gallery Sono felice, Gangwon, Korea

2017 - Real + Abstraction, The Gallery D_Geoje, Geoje, Korea

2016 - About beauty, Gallery Piu, Jeonju, Korea

2015 - Real Abstraction, Sooho Gallery, Korea

2012 - Lee Heum Solo Exhibition, Sooho Gallery, Korea

2011 - Lee Heum with Papa Bubble, Sooho Gallery, Korea


Groupe Exhibitions

2017 - Sweets Holic, Gallery Sinsegye, Daegu, Korea

2017 - Beyond the Limit, Posco Gallery, Pohang

2016 - Same Root another Branch, Gallery August house, Yangpyoung, Korea

2016 - Sooho Art Concert, Seongnam Art Center, Seongnam

2016 - Bundang Art Fair, Korea

2015 - Sooho Art Concert, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul

2015 - I dream, Lotte world Mall, Seoul

2015 - Sense the Senses, Museum of Kyungpook national University, Daegu

2015 - Six senses, Gallery Piu, Jeonju

2015 - Sweet Story for 4N5, 4F Sinsegye, Seoul

2015 - GAP;, Gallery Seba & A Project, Seoul

2015 - Love, Bittersweet, Gallery Lottehotel & A Project, Seoul

2014 - Graduate show, chelsea College, London, UK

2014 - MA Autumn show, the Lewis PR Orbital Gallery, Loindon, UK

2012 - Tasteutopia, Lotte Gallery, Dae-jeon, Korea

2012 - Tasty Land, Yangpyung Art Museum, Yuangpyung, Korea

2011 - Heroes!, Gana art Busan

2011 - Color x Art x Play x lll, Goyang Oulim Nuri Arts center, Go-yang, Korea

2011 - Seoul Art exhibition - Hyper realism, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea

2011 - East inside West, AndrewShire Gallery, LA, USA

2011 - West inside East, Sooho Gallery, Korea

2010 - 706 Gallery, Beijing, China

2010 - Rainbow, Pocheon Banwoel Art Hall, Seoul, Korea

2010 - New Wave, Glallery Bhak, Seoul, Korea

2010 - A delicious picture, Lotte Art Gallery, Korea

2009 - Digital Realism, Art Gate Gallery, NYC, USA

2009 - Digital Realism, Insa ast cednter, Seoul, Korea

2009 - 9-emotion, Dongwon gallery, Dea-gu, Korea

2009 - The Vision of Modern Art, Sejong Center, Korea

2009 - CH_R_I_ST_MAS_, Urban art, Seoul, Korea

2008 - Up to the minute, Koreaart gallery, Busan, Korea

2008 - New wave of realism, Mayjune gallery, Seoul, Korea

Art Projects

2017 - Spectrum_Wave, 168 stairs, Busan, Korea

2016 - Fluctuate, Sweet Terrace 4th, 168 stairs, Busan, Korea


Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea

Daelim Museum, Seoul, Korea