Zacheus Olowonubi Oloruntoba


Zacheus Olowonubi Oloruntoba

(1919, Nigeria - 2014, USA)

Chief Z.O. Oloruntoba began painting at the age of 15 to explain the "lucid dreams" he had from a young age. In the Yoruba tradition, from which he comes, dream interpretation is an integral part of the cultural and social system. The dream activity of some people allows contact between the world of the dead and the living, between the visible and the invisible. The intensity and power of the dreams of the young Zacheus were so well known that he soon became the spiritual mentor and healer of his village.

Not only an artist and traditional healer, Oloruntoba is also a specialist in medicinal plants. Thus, his works play a major role in his healing practice, using dyes made from roots and herbs with therapeutic powers.

Each element or character in her work contains a healing spirit and a key to understanding dreams. The aesthetic uniqueness and symbolic power of his work has led to international recognition by institutions and private collectors.

Exhibitions selected

2004 - The Museum of International Folk Art Market, Santa Fe

2004 - The Spirited Canvas: Tapestries, Dorothy Rogers Fine Art, Santa Fe

2003 - The Spirited Canvas II: Toiles and Tapestries of Chief Z.O. Oloruntoba, Dorothy Rogers Fine Art, Santa Fe,

2002 - New Works by Jimoh Buraimoh and Z.O. Oloruntoba, The October Gallery, Londres

1998 -  Paintings and Weavings, Alliance, France

1996 - Brazilian Embassy, Lagos