Charles Lapicque
(1898, Theizé, France - 1988, Orsay, France)

Close to neo-humanists until the Second World War, Charles Lapicque initially worked in the non-figurative style before developing his own approach. Graduating of the Ecole Centrale and being a great physician, he was interested scientifically in colours and theorized on their contrast.

It is with drawing than Charles Lapicque goes over the Cartesian logic. Without even raising the hand, Lapicque draws fantastic and caustic characters in an almost automatic way. According to him, drawing is a way to "admire the real almost in an instant". His drawings show his unbridle imagination and humour. Charles Lapicque opened the way to narrative figuration for other artists : the character of the Hourloupe by Dubuffet is a direct influence of Lapicque's figures.