Ricardo Cavallo

Born in 1954 in Argentina.

Born in 1954 in Buenos Aires, Ricardo Cavallo understands that, to become a painter, he must leave this country which suffocates under the dictatorship and at the same time leave those he loves. In Paris, he enters the Beaux-Arts.

In 1984, his work was exhibited at the FIAC by Karl Flinker and he attained quickly critical and commercial success. On his first paintings in panoramic formats, we find small animal figurines, arranged on the table of his studio. 

At the same time, he relizes a view of his room made up of 300 plates. Each plate corresponds to an end of the view, painted on a certain day to a certain one hour. He remembers the small paintings that Seurat made in a cigar box transformed into an easel and pursues a cubist requirement in terms of analysis and fragmentation of reality. 

In 2003, the one Jean Clair nicknamed "the new Ulysses" found a new port in St Jean-du-Doigt (Finistère), where he discovered a telluric place, between the ocean and the cliffs. He pursues this monumental, programmatic work there, confronting himself daily and tirelessly with the motif. He paints and explores the landscape directly with small pre-cut wooden panels of the same size, mounted on canvas. 

This singular work, resulting from a total and physical engagement in painting, was honored in 2016, in a retrospective, at the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Morlaix.


Exhibitions selected



  • Exhibition (selection) :



FIAC, Galerie Karl Flinker, 1984.


Autoportraits contemporains, Musée-galerie de la SEITA, Paris, 1986.


Salon d'art contemporain de Montrouge, 1992.


Animal, Musée Bourdelle, Paris, 1999.


Envisager/Dévisager - Henri Michaux, Eduardo Arroyo, Ricardo Cavallo, Asger Jorn, François-Marie Anthonioz, Francisco Toledo, Galerie Pierre Brullé, 2001


Ricardo Cavallo - Sur le motif, Domaine du Kerguéhennec, 2013


Ricardo Cavallo: sur les toits de Morlaix, Musée des beaux-arts de Morlaix, 2016





Bibliography (selection) :

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Filmography :

Barbet Schroeder, Ricardo Cavallo en un seul plan-séquence

Isabelle Rèbre, Ricardo Cavallo ou le rêve de l'épervier

Illés Sakantyu, Ricardo Cavallo au pays du Non-Où, 2013. Durée: 62 min.