Salvatore Coccoluto

Born in 1967 in Gaeta, Italy.

He arrived in France in 1990. Salvatore Coccoluto never ceases to link the image of his native land, the volcanic lands of the Vesuvius, to foreign, but no less analogous territories, to the point of creating a nostalgic, so to speak romantic universe.

    Tellurian canvases, stratigraphic paintings or even pictorial archaeology, Salvatore Coccoluto's creations sublimate nature, giving it back its strength, its magnitude. An informal art in the purification or disappearance of recognizable forms, but referential, because figurative in the abstraction, always in favour of the material and the gestural. A personal universe where each work is a synchronicity of a land, a memory, a moment.

    These «mille-feuilles» works allow us to glimpse a succession of memorial and chrono-graphic images. Like the formation of the earth, the action of stratification makes the pictorial act visible in the thickness of its temporality. Expressive as much as suggestive, his works lead the observer into a system of symbolic correspondence where each person can find the emotions conveyed by the colours, the accumulation of materials, the formats and the overflowing.

    The control of the plastic material approaches here the regency of time in all its process of sedimentation. Metaphors abound between the topographical representations of various lands and the accumulation of pictorial layers. The link is both impulsive and meditative. Physical and emotional. In the end, a close link is woven between man, time and matter.

Exhibitions selected

  • Personal exhibitions :

2019 - L'archéologie du présent, Galerie de l'Europe, Paris

2018 - Matière(s), Galerie L'Orange bleue, Saint Emilion

2017 - La Matière du temps, Galerie de l'Europe, Paris

2016 - Terra incognita, Galerie de l'Europe, Paris

2015 - Souvenirs d'Islande, Galerie de l'Europe, Paris

2014 - Les structures du temps, Galerie de l'Europe, Paris

2013 - Paysage de l'âme, Galerie de l'Europe, Paris

2012 - Impressions, Galerie Miya, Rotterdam, Pays-bas

2010 - 2011 Collaboration, Envie d'art, Paris

2009 - Evoications, Galerie Etienne de Causans, Paris

2008 - Matière, Gallery Colline Verte, Borgloon, Belgique

2005/2007 - A la limite du paysage, Galerie Expressions, Bois Colombe

2004 - Figure(s) Musée Camille Claudel, Charenton-le-pont

2003 - Le rythme du temps, Association Philomuses, Paris

2003 - Empâtement, Galerie Etienne de Causans, Paris

2002 - Paysages imaginaires, Centre culturel, Saint Raphael

2000/2003 Collaboration, Galerie Ombres et lumière, Paris

1999 - Collaboration, Galerie Françoise Guillou

1998 - Paesaggi emiliani, Il Fiorile Arte, Bologne, Italie

1997 - Paesaggi emiliani; Saletta Galaverni, Reggio Emilia, Italie

1997/1998 Collboration Galleria Il sipario, Parme, Italie. 


  • Foires d'art contemporain :

2021 - La biennale de Paris, Galerie Françoise Livinec

2018 - Foire d'art contemporain, Bruxelles, Belgium

2017 - Foire d'art contemporain, Luxembourg

2012 - Linéart, Art gallery, Gent, Belgium

2010 - Str'art, Envie d'art, Strasbourg

2010 - Linéart, Miya Gallery, Gent, Belgium

2009 - Linéart, Miya Gallery, Gent, Belgium

2009 - Foire d'art contemporain, Miya Gallery, Ultrech

2008 - Linéart, Art Gallery, Gent, Belgium

2008 - Foire d'art contemporain, Rotterdam, Netherlands

2007 - Linéart, Colline Verte, Gent, Belgium

2006 - Foire d'art contemporain, Anvers, Belgium

2005 - Foire d'art contemporain, Anvers, Belgium

2005 - Foire d'art contemporain, Rotterdam, Netherlands