Takeshi Inaba

(Born in 1943 in Japan)

After completing his studies at the Musashino Art University in Tokyo, he left Japan in 1968 for Copenhagen, where he exhibited in Denmark and Sweden. In 1970 he moved to Angers, France, where he lived until 1976, a period that was interspersed with a one-year stay in Norway. In 1976, he left Angers for Paris, then Puteaux where he currently lives. In addition to his exhibitions in France and Europe, Takeshi Inaba periodically returns to present his work in Japan.

« One day, while emptying a beer can, I was attracted by the shiny red colour of this container and I started thinking that it would be a shame to throw it away. If we can use these cans for artistic creation, we can give them a longer and nobler second life.»

For almost 30 years he has been creating works with drinks cans.

« Since I see that recycling is part of our world, maybe I can say that my work contributes, albeit in a small way, to giving a certain sense of nobility to these disposable cans.»

Exhibitions selected


2022 - Ailleurs est ici, Galerie Françoise Livinec

2021 - Gallery 128, New York
2020 - Representative Office of Hyogo Department in Europe, Paris
2019 - Gallery 412, Tokyo
2018 - Toyo'oka City ltoh Kiyonaga Museum, Hyogo, Japan
2017 - Gallery 412, Tokyo
2016 - L'Annexe Centre d'art des Rives, Saint-Avertin, Indre-et-Loire
2015 - Gallery 412, Tokyo
2014 - Atelier Alain PLOUVIER, Chedigny, Indre-et-Loire
            Grand Monde Gallery, Paris
2013 - Gallery 412, Tokyo
             Hanawa Restoration Gallery, Paris
2012 - Grand Monde Gallery, Paris
2011 - Gallery 412, Tokyo
            Eric Rohmer Intercommunity Media Library, Tulle, Corrèze
2010 - Atelier Galerie Charles HAIR, Thizay, Indre-et-Loire
            Grand Monde Gallery, Paris
            Workshop Xavier REMON-BEAUVAIS, Orfëvre, Candes-Saint-Martin
2009 - Gallery 412, Tokyo
             Tor Gallery, Kobé
2008 - Palais de la Culture, Puteaux, Hauts-de-Seine
             Saint Aubin Tower, Angers
2007 - Gallery 412, Tokyo
             Viala du Pas de Jaux Tower, Aveyron
2005 - Tor Gallery, Kobé
2004 - Village d'Artistes, Rablay-sur-Layon
             Workshop of the goldsmith Xavier REMON-BAUVAIS, Candes-Saint-   Martin, Indreet-Loire
            Takatsuji Gallery, Tokyo
2001 - Tor Gallery, Kobe
            Residence of the Japanese ambassador, Paris, France
2000 - Gallery 412, Tokyo
1999 - Maruyamakawa-Koen Museum, Hyogo, Japan
           Charles X Pavilion, Saint-Cyr-sur-Loire
1998 - Gallery 412, Tokyo
1996 - Métisse d'Argile, Saint-Hyppolyte, Indre-et-Loire
            Gallery 412, Tokyo
1994 - Village d'Artistes, Rablay-sur-Layon, Maine-et-Loire
            Point JAL, Paris
            Gallery 412, Tokyo
1993 - Marouzen Bookstore Gallery, Kobe, Japan
1992 - Point JAL, Paris
             Kawakami Gallery, Tokyo
1991 - Galerie de la Géole, Versailles Jeunesse, Versailles
1990 -  Perraudière, Saint-Cyr-sur-Loire, Indre-et-Loire
             Kawakami Gallery, Tokyo
1989 - Galerie Est Forum Junku, Paris
           ABB-Verzekert, Leuven, Belgium
1988 - Kawakaml Gallery, Tokyo
1987 - Guémard Gallery, Angers
1986 - Kawakami Gallery, Tokyo
            Espace 3 Gallery, Troyes
1985 - Galerie du Petit Pont, Strasbourg
1983 - Kawekami Gallery, Tokyo
1980 - Im Hof Gallery, West Berlin
1978 - Meiji Gallery, Tokyo
            Studio Berggemeine, Frankfurt
            lntim Gallery, Bergen
1977 - Gamme! Gallery Strand, Copenhagen
            Kelêne Appel Rive Gauche Gallery, Paris
1976 - Octave Lanwertin Gallery, Strasbourg
1975 - Guemard Gallery, Angers
1974 - Octave Landwerlin Gallery, Strasbourg
            Ars Gallery, Osaka, Japan
1972 - lntim Gallery, Bergen, Norway
1971 - Guemard Gallery, Angers, France
1970 - Gammel Strand Gallery, Copenhagen
            Arkilectgarden, Laholm, Sweden
1969 - First exhibition in Europe, Denmark
1967 - Ogikubo Gallery, Tokyo


2021 - Japanese Artists Exhibition, Galerie Etienne de Causans, Paris
            Exhibition of Artists from Hyogo, Japan
            Representative Office of Hyogo Department, Paris, France
            Dialoges, Hôtel Goüin, Tours
2019 - Japan at the Orangery, Espace Tourlière, Verrières-le-Buisson,    Essonne
            Exhibition of Artists from Hyogo, Japan
           Representative Office of the Hyogo Department in Europe, Paris
2018 - La Sévrienne des Arts, Sèvres, Hauts-de Seine
             Exhibition of the 3 artists, INABA, KUSAYANAGI, TAJIRI, Shlbatacho Gallery,Osaka, Japan
2017 - Contemporary Art Festival Nebula (CAF. N), Saitama Museum of
             Modern Art, Japan
2015 - 2017 - 2019 - NAC Exhibition, Maison de la Culture du Japon, Paris
2015 - Exhibition of Drawings by 8 Artist Friends, Galerie du Grand Monde,
2014 - Japanese Painters, Grez-sur-Loing, Seine-et-Marne
2013 - Japanese Artists, Atelier Visconi, Paris
2012 - NAC 30th Anniversary, Maison de la Culture du Japon, Paris
2011 - Inspirations Nature, La Passerelle Métiers d'Art, La Gacilly Morbihan
2010 - Cabinet of Curiosities, Espace Arabesque, Loches, Indre-et-Loire
             Special New Year exhibition of NAC
              Espace Culturel Bertin Poirée, Paris
2008 - 9 Artists Winners of Grand Prizes of the NAC Biennial
              Akie Arichi Gallery, Paris
              NAC at 25 years old Maison de la Culture du Japon, Paris
2007 - 12 Contemporary Japanese Artists, Tsubaki Gallery, Paris
2005 - Mal des Artistes, open studio of the painter Alain PLOUVIER,
            Chedlgny, Indre-et Loire
2004 - L'Iris and Japonisme, Château d'Auvers -sur-Oise, Val-d'Oise
             Japanese Artists in France in memory of FOUJITA, Office de
             Tourisme, Dinard, Ile-et-Vilaine
2003 - 5 Japanese Artists, MJC, Hauts-de-Belleville, Paris
2002 - White Elephant Gallery, Paris
2001 -  Evidences, Claude Dauval Gallery, Paris
1998 - 2002 - 100 Japanese Artists in France, Maison de la Culture du Japon,  Paris
1997 - 1999 - Eight Japanese Artists selected by the gallery, Galerie M.B., Paris
1995 - Genie de la Bastille Paris, Kyoto, Paris
1993 - Artists from the Tajima region, Kalbundo Gallery, Kobe, Japan
1992 - Japanese Artists in Paris, Japanisches Kunsturinstltut, Cologne,
1991 - Regard sur le Japon, Galerie 16, Paris
1988 - Matière couleur, Galerie Peinture Fraiche, Paris
1986 - 1991 - NAC and its Guests, Maison de l'UNESCO, Paris
1986 - 20 years of the gallery, Galerie Guemard, Quincé-Brissac, Maine-et-
1983 - Young Abstraction, Galarté Gallery, Paris
1981 - Japanese Artists in Paris, Mairie du 6e arrondissement, Paris
1976 - Gammel Strand Gallery, Copenhagen