Elga Heinzen lives and works in Garches, Hauts de Seine-FranceBorn in Geneva in 1933, in a Protestant family, she received a traditional education against which she rebelled very early and developed an early taste for painting, she spent her time painting, drawing and dreaming of going to Paris.

Elga Heinzen was revealed by Iris Clert during her manifesto exhibition "Big Women Small Formats" which took place in 1974. Very quickly, the gallery owner gave a full exhibition to these sinuous and bewitching forms that are the Florescences and Reminiscences of Elga Heinzen.

"Elga Heinzen, since her childhood, draws and paints as naturally as one breathes. Drawing and painting are an integral part of her daily life. She masters today a perfect technique to which are combined originality and an innate sense of color. Her creation gravitates around her fantasies: reminiscences, denouements, folds, appearances are only the path of the same approach. The appearances of Elga Heinzen are deceptive. Do not be fooled by them! In reality, they are portraits".
Iris Clert.

Exhibitions selected

2016 Galerie 24B Elga Heinzen «Le Langage Des Plis» Paris - France
2007 Galerie AGNES DUTKO Paris-France
2002 Galleria PECCOLO Livorno-Italia
1998 Galerie CLAUDE LEMAND Paris-France
1991 WILDENSTEIN & CO. London-England
1990 Gallery HENOCH New York-USA
KORNBLEE Gallery New York-USA
1978 KORNBLEE Gallery New York-USA
1977 Galerie IRIS CLERT Paris-France
1975 Galerie IRIS CLERT Paris-France