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« Animals, is it the future of man? », «Hello, vet?»

« Animals, is it the future of man? », «Hello, vet?»


Summer of 13 Sundays

Animals in the school: Yolaine de la Bigne and Stéphane Girodon

Meeting on the 19th of August at 15:00

« Animals, is it the future of man? »

Animals are much more intelligent than we believe... Regulary there are new discoveries being made which bring light on their sensibility, their emotional abilities, their generosity, solidarity and, one may dare to say, their wisdom.

Seven brilliant minds, with exceptional backgrounds, take us into this fascinating universe of animal intelligence. Thanks to them, you have an opportunity to discover the increadible power of whales' songs  that boost plankton's protein content; you will see, with the bonobos, that not only human are capable of laughter. You will understand that we can learn some team management from fish. You will find that the ants invented agriculture long before the men ...
These and many other examples prove that the supremacy of man over animals is pure fiction, and that, even better, animals are perhaps a way of salvation for mankind in their ability to survive and adaptation.

Reinvent our approach to animals, our survival depends on it!
Yolaine de la Bigne is a French journalist. Also she is an author of many books (Sois belle et bats-toi !, Le bon sens, c'est le bonheur! etc). She founded Summer Univeristy of animals, which has its goal to gather the best specialists in the animal field and to present their discoveries to the public.

"Hello, vet?"

When a veterinarian, regardless if works in the cities or in the  countryside, tells his daily life in a multitude of small stories they often happen to be very amusing, even surprising and always very sensitive.

The encounter with the emotional or worried owners, with the agricultural world with its own problems ... small bobos seem like terrible wounds and are often the source of emotions, laughter and tears.

Stéphane Girodon is one of those many veterinarians who practice their profession (we can speak here of a calling) with passion. Humanity and the love of animals can be seen on every page of his anecdotes or moving and funny stories.

Stéphane Girodon, has been a veterinarian in Brittany for 25 years, and visits both farmers for their cattle and private individuals for their pets. At some point he started writing the best anecdotes from his work; he has a fan page on Facebook with over 1500 followers.