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« The universal income: on the income from citizenship », «Einstein was righ: we need to work less »

« The universal income: on the income from citizenship », «Einstein was righ: we need to work less »


Summer of 13 Sundays

Change your perception of work: Jean-Marc Ferry and Dominique Méda

Meeting July, 30 at 15:00

"Universal Income: on the income from citizenship "

In France, the idea of a Universal Revenue (UA) has received some interest and even success in the first rounds of the recent presidential campaign. But this idea subsequently faced a political defeat, for lack of convincing theoretical support. The concept of a universal and unconditional basic income simply did not succeed - at least in a political sphere - in a satisfactory consistency. It seems that the voters were disappointed by the impression of a retreat on the two principal predicates, which were it's universal nature and unconditionality. One would have finally seen a promise of an "income for all" somewhere on the specter of an opaque large "RSA" whose realization is problematic, and this was disenchantment.

Jean-Marc Ferry is a professor of many universities, holder of the Chair of philosophy of Europe at the House of Sciences of the Man of Nantes, doctor of honoris causa of the university of Lausanne. He was one of the first intellectuals to defend universal income in France. He is the author of twenty books and received the La Bruyère Prize of the French Academy for the entire work (1995), the gold medal of the Academy of Agriculture and the Louis Marin Prize of the Academy of Moral and Political Sciences. He is also the brother of a former minister and philosopher, Luc Ferry.


"Einstein was right: reduce working time"

For millions of people, no work at all, or not enough to live on. For millions of others, too much pressure,not enough hours in a day ... How can we escape this unequal and unbearable distribution of labor? How can we fight this endemic unemployment that is eroding dignity, the present, the future, hope? By facilitating layoffs? By changing the Labor Code? No. There is another way.
Based on a highly documented analysis, Pierre Larrouturou and Dominique Méda turn their backs on these regressive perspectives to propose another: to provoke a shock of solidarity by passing to the week of 4 days. They show how this measure is capable of massively creating jobs at no extra cost for companies that would go down this road. The only one that is in line with what Albert Einstein predicted as early as the 1930s.
What if Einstein was right?

Dominique Méda, PhD in philisophy, former student of the École Normale Supérieure and the École Nationale d'Administration, is a professor of sociology at the University Paris Dauphine and an associate researcher at the Center d'études de l'emploi. She also holds the "Ecological Reconversion, Labor, Employment and Social Policy" Chair at the College of World Studies.