Elga Heinzen


from April 13th to 05.20.2023

Galerie 30 Penthievre

The Françoise Livinec Gallery is pleased to announce Réminiscences, an exhibition by Elga Heinzen. Former artist of Iris Clert, her works with biomorphic accents are an intimate dive into a unique world.

"Elga Heinzen has been drawing and painting since she was a child, as naturally as we breathe. Drawing and painting are an integral part of her daily life. She masters today a perfect technique to which are combined originality and an innate sense of color. Her creation gravitates around her fantasies: reminiscences, denouements, folds, appearances are only the progression of a same step. The appearances of Elga Heinzen are deceptive. Do not be fooled by them! In reality, they are portraits".
Iris Clert.