François Dilassier,  born in 1926 in Lesneven (1926 - 2012)

Colouring used by Dilasser, very diversified stay yet sober, passing from blue grey to old pink, from marine greyness to pink granite. His compositions often show a checked pattern, variations of horizontal and vertical lines creating squares, in which more or less abstract forms are repeated, variations based on a same module-sign. However, in 1989-1990, forms escape from these grids to extend till the edge of the canvas, painted in austere tones, the dark sign of the cross, present and repeated in all paintings of the series, implies the idea of enclosure for death people. This Gardens series, in which an octagonal form occupies the whole painting surface, evades to the checked placement. In fact, his singular and multiplied signs have a ideogram value meaning according to the series, for example in 1990 : ship-signs on the squares of the Red Sea, in 1991 : People keeping vigil that may be gravestones of a parish enclosure or menhir rows. 

Exhibitions selected

Parisians "Salons"

Salon d'Automne : from 1972 to 1976
Salon des Réalités Nouvelles : from 1973 to 1984