François Dilasser

(1926, Lesneven, France - 2012, Lesneven, France )

François Dilasser was born in Lesneven in Finistère: he lived in his native region for his whole life. He has always practiced drawing, which he regards as the foundation of all his painting. His work lies on successive series of variations on subjects related to his observation of the reality, rich in emotional resonances. He participated in the Salon d'Automne in Paris from 1972 to 1976, in the Réalités Nouvelles from 1973 to 1984, and in numerous collective exhibitions in Brittany.

His sober colours, ranging from the sea grisaille to a whole range of old granitic rose shades, balance together in compositions as if playing on checkered shapes. From 1989, these forms acquire their autonomy and are freed from the grids, invading the whole web in the form of signs close to ideograms. Austere, Dilasser's painting finds its rhythm in a repetition-rumination of graphic sequences: « I am attracted by the relationship between forms, trees, houses, rocks, clouds ... » , he explains to Charles Juliet. His very personal universe, built on simple shapes, on large fragmented figures, is thus tinted with primitivism but also the bitter-sweet melancholy linked to the Breton land. If it tends in a certain way towards abstraction, the work of Dilasser is above all directed by his sensitivity.