René Duvillier
(1919, Oyonnax - 2002, Paris)

René Duvillier joined the Ecole des Beaux-Arts of Paris in 1935. After five years of captivity and an exhibition at the Stalag in Krakow, he began to be a part of the « Nouvelle Ecole de Paris ». Under the guidance of the art critic Charles Estienne, it gathered painters from Surrealism and gesture or lyric abstraction that finally succeeded in 1955. André Breton exhibited him and Benjamin Péret exalted his pictorial work, in which the brush movement brings to life natural elements, sea striking rocks and « giving them almost supernatural attributes » (1955).

Close from Degottex, Hartung, Messagier, he was however independent. And if, his gestural may have affected Breton, in which he found a form of surrealist automatism, his lyricism is much more oriented towards the Nature. An international recognition, from the Guggenheim in New York (1953) to the exposition universelle in Montreal (1967), didn't prevent him from being overwhelmed. It is the sea in Brittany that created "a terrible choc" for him when he was invited in 1954 by Charles Estienne on the wild coast of North Finistere. "I found the movement and the gesture there. Everything was moving, the waves, the shore, the sky, the birds. I was especially struck by the spectacle of the Breton horses, manes flowing in the wind, springing out of the foam. I also found the ancient Greek myth of the birth of the sea". Consequently, he never stopped offering, from minimal movements of waves and air, a universal lesson. From the horses of the sea in Argenton to planets, from the look to whirlpools, the world painted by René Duvillier relies the personal to the universal and the human to the cosmos. It was the man of the myth and the vertigo, between paradoxes and successive shocks, a generous, rigorous and instinctive humanist. "I am emotional and passionate, the painter said (...) I'm not looking for simplification, or a synthesis ; I am moving on all fronts, I have to keep my totality". He faced the material and his imagination fed on life. His dynamic and gestural painting associates the almost monochrome to the brightest colours.

Exhibitions selected

Solo exhibitions

2010 - Ivre de peinture, Gallery Alain Margaron, Paris
2009 - René Duvillier, Gallery L?Or du Temps, Paris
2008 - Vous êtes le feu dans l?eau, Gallery Alain Margaron, Nice
2003 - Accrochage d??uvres de René Duvillier, Gallery Larock-Granoff, Paris
2003 - Ici ? Ailleurs, Gallery Doris Benno, Saint-Paul-De-Vence
1999 - À l?Ouest du Monde, FIAC, Paris
1993 - Le ciel de la mer, Gallery Larock-Granoff, Paris
1987 - Peintures 1955-1983, Gallery Mostini, Paris
1986 - Galerie du Manoir, La Chaux de Fonds, Switzerland
1971 - Ensemble de Peinture, Exhibition Center, Geneva
1970 - Têtes Chercheuses, Gallery Le Lutrin, Lyon
1965 - Benrath et Duvillier, Gallery Argos, Nantes
1964 - Gallery Byron, New York
1961 - La Mer des Vents, Gallery Smith, Brussels
1943 - La Genése, Stalag de Cracovie, Kobierzyn

Group exhibitions

2017 - Ailleurs est ici, École des Filles-Espace d'art, Huelgoat.
2017 - Le geste et la matière | une abstraction "autre" Paris, 1945-1965, Clément Foundation, Paris
2011 - L?Aventure de l?Art Abstrait, Museum of Fine Arts of Brest, Brest     
2008 - Les Nuagistes, Collegiate Church of Saint-André, Chartres
2002 - Art ou Nature ? , Museum of Luxembourg, Luxembourg     
1999 - Actualité des collections du XXe siècle 1996-1999, Museum of Fine Arts, Lyon
1999 - L'Intimité des dessins, Gallery Alain Margaron, Paris
1997 - Un combat pour l?Art Moderne, Hommage à René Déroudille., Museum of Fine Arts of Lyon, Lyon
1995 - Nantes et le surréalisme, Museum of Fine Arts of Nantes, Nantes
1991 ? André Breton, La beauté convulsive, Centre George Pompidou, Paris
1990 - André Breton, The National Museum, Madrid
1989 - I Surrealisti, Palazzo Reale, Milan
1987 - Le Visionnaire, Gallery of the Manoir, La Chaux de Fonds, Switzerland
1986 - Blanc/Noir/Blanc, Landerneau Cultural Center and Jacobins Museum, Morlaix
1984 - Autour de Michel Ragon, Paris Art Center, Paris
1981 - Paris-Paris 1937-1957, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris
1980 - Bilan de l?art contemporain, Congress Palace, Québec
1973 - Exposition internationale du dessin original, Museum of Contemporary Art in Skopje, Yugoslavia
1971 - Présence Européenne, Gallery La Bussola, Turin
1968 - Peinture française contemporaine, Museums of Belgrade, Prague, Bucharest, Warsaw and Zagreb
1967 - Le Visage de l?Homme dans l?Art Contemporain, Rath Museum, Geneva
1967 - Pavillon Français, Universal Exhibition of Montreal, Montreal
1967 - Dix Ans d?Art Vivant 1955-1965, Foundation Maeght, Saint-Paul de Vence
1966 - Grands et Jeunes d?Aujourd?hui, Modern Art Museum, Paris
1965 - Art in Science, Institute of History and Art, Albany, USA
1963 - Art contemporain, Grand Palais, Paris
1962 - 10 Malere fra Paris, Gallery Birch, Copenhagen
1961 - Les 41 présentent Iris Clert, Gallery Iris Clert, Paris
1959 - L?Air et L?Eau, Gallery Saint-Augustin, Paris
1953 - Younger European Painters, The Solomon Guggenheim Museum, New York