Matthieu Dorval, Bang Hai Ja, Choi Jun-Kun, Loic Le Groumellec, Wei Ligang, Victor Segalen

100 ans de stèles

from June 1st to 09.30.2016

Galerie Matignon

Victor Segalen wondered on the close relation existing between painting, calligraphy and poetry. In 1916, a professional engraving artist traveled with him during his chinese journey producing engraving of steles. To commemorate the one hundred anniversary of these creations, Françoise Livinec invited contemporaries : Wei Ligang, Yang Xiaojian, Bang Hai Ja, Bai Ming, Jang Kwang Bum, Kim Tae-Ho, Loïc Le Groumellec and Matthieu Dorval. Their work refers to the stele either by working on paper (Loïc Le Groumellec, Wei Ligang and Bang Hai Ja) or by the chosen subject (Matthieu Dorval and Yang Xiaojian).