Beirut Art Fair
  • Matthieu Dorval,

  • Jang Kwang Bum,

  • Loic Le Groumellec,

Beirut Art Fair

09.15 - 09.18.2016

Art fair

For its first participation at the Beirut Art Fair, Françoise Livinec Galleries unveil a very new exhibition : « Geographies of Memory ». On this welcoming, ground, full oof History and place of religions dialogue, the gallery exhibits for international artists, four horizons belonging to the same committed aesthetic.


Rabi Koria, young Syrian-born artist, winner of the Royal Award for Modern Painting, in 2015, attributed by the King of the Netherlands, use the traditionnal arab ornementation in order to deeply remind the contemporary reality, in which the sound of military boots resonates on the bloody rivers of Euphrates. Jang Kwang Bum, through a more pacified work, looks for a Time representation by a deft effect of rythms and reflects.
Coming back from China, Matthieu Dorval presents a new series, elaborated at the Red Brick Art Museum in Beijing, China. On the Marco Polo's path, his « Marvels of the World » is a journey, between the geography of confins and the memory drawn with saturated colors. Loïc For 30 years, Loïc Le Groumellec have explored a minimal