Bai Ming
(born in 1965, Yugan, China)

Born in 1965, a hundred kilometres away from the old imperial porcelain manufacture of Jingdezhen and having studied at the Fine Arts School in Beijing, Bai Ming is today a well-recognised artist whose artistic and academic activities contribute to renewal and acceleration of the contemporary Chinese art of ceramics. He mixes technical traditions and ancestral typologies with the most modern plastic expressive forms. In the pictorial field, he uses oil paints, as well as ink, both in an eclectic way alternating geometrical compositions and gestural practices. Thanks to his great technical skillfulness and his perfect knowledge of the arts of fire, he excels in the painting of enamels.

The assertive abstraction, the audacious and dynamic framing as well as the dialectic link that the artist maintains with the Ancient Chinese painting enable him to create a strong individual expression that shows with what vigour the Chinese tradition is ceaselessly being renewed. His work is awarded with the greatest Chinese prizes and bought by worldwide collectors. Being the link between the ancient and the modern, East and West, and being considered as a great master in his field, he does a lot of conferences, in Asia, in Europe and in North America.

Exhibitions selected

Solo Exhibitions

2020 - Bai Ming. Vibrations de la Terre, Keramis, Belgique
2018 - Ming / La lumière, Musée de Salagon, Mane
2017 - Bai Ming-Boston, Galerie Lacoste, Concord

2017 - New Vessels, New Vista,  Hong Kong
2017 - White and Blue | Bai Ming, Lisbonne, Musée MAAT, Lisbonne
2017 - Tlön: Bai Ming's Kingdom, Musée d'Art Beijing Minsheng
2016 -
Bai Ming-Endlessness, Siège de PICC, Beijing
2016 - Kansas City Artists Coalition, Kansas City, USA

2015 - Centre d'art de Korea Electric, Séoul, Corée du Sud
2014 - Musée Cernuschi, Paris
2014 - Ver de ciel , Centre d'Art contemporain, Ürümqi
2013 - L?encre et l?eau, Centre culturel de Chine à Paris, France
2013 - Sérénité, nuit et réflexion, Musée de Canton
2012 - Galerie Funart, Beijing
2010 - Nuages et brumes blanches, Galerie Xuexue Taiwan
2010 - Transformation et Production la voie d'abstraction de Bai Ming, Galerie d'art Jindu, Beijing
2007 - Arts abstraits de Bai Ming, Galerie Funart, Beijing

Groupe Exhibitions

2016 - 100 ans de stèles, Françoise Livinec Gallery, Paris
2016 - L'attrape-Feu, l'art réenchante le monde, Ecole des filles, Huelgoat, France
2014 - New ink of China, Musée de Jinling, Nankin
2013 - Ink of China, Hangzhou
2013 - Chifra, Paris, France
2013 - Art Beijing, Beijing
2013 - Elsewhere is here, 2me édition, Futuroscope, France
2012 - Recalling Jiangnan, China Contemporary Art Exhibition, Shanghai
2012 - US NCECA, Exhibition Florida, USA
2012 - Ink·Boundary, Shanghai Art Gallery, Shanghai
2010 - New Aesthetics of Handicrafts, Shanghai Folk Art Museum, Shanghai
2010 - Ink Paintings: 2010 Shanghai World Expo·Chinese Ink Paintings, Zero - Carbon Pavilion, Shanghai World Expo
2009 - China Contemporary Ink Paintings on Paper Art, Belarus and Serbia
2009 - The Living Chinese Garden, Brussels
2008 - Bai Lei and Bai Ming Ceramic Art Works, Beijing
2008 -  Living Chinese Garden, Dresden, Germany
2007 - Chinese Contemporary Art,  Seoul, South Korea
2006 - China Top-quality Works of Arts & Crafts Exhibition, South Africa
2005 - China Edition Art Exhibition, Beijing
2004 - Point - Radiation and Penetration, Malaysia National Art Gallery, Malaysia
2003 - The 18th Asia Art Exhibition, Hong Kong
2002 - China Contemporary Ceramic Art, Geneva
2001 - The Clay Studio International Six-Person Exhibition, Philadelphia, USA
2000 - Tsinghua University International Ceramic Art Exhibition, Beijing
1999 - China Contemporary Ceramic Art Exhibition, Netherlands
1998 - Taipei International Art Fair, Taipei
1997 - The Kingdom of Ceramics ? World Tour Exhibition of Chinese Modern Ceramic Art, UK and Espagne
1993 - China Oil Paintings Biennial ,Beijing


Public collections

- Musée Cernuschi, Paris
- Minsheng Art Museum, Beijing
- Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology (MAAT), Lisbon
- Musée Salagon, Mane, France
- Bristish Museum, London


2014 - Bai Ming, Editions You-Feng et Musée Cernuschi
2013 - L'entre et l'eau, Editions You-Feng
2013 - Sérénité, nuit et réflexion, Musée du Canton
2013 - Bai Ming, Maison d'Édition des Beaux-Arts du Jiangxi
2009 - Les oeuvres d'art de Bai Ming, Maison d'Édition des Beaux-Arts du Jiangxi
2002 - Ère de design : céramique de Bai Ming, Maison d'Édition des Beaux-Arts du Hebei
2000 - Le monde bleu et blanc de Bai Ming, Maison d?Édition des Beaux-Arts du Jiangxi
1998 - Peintures à l'huile de Bai Ming,  Galerie Concorde Taiwan, Chine
1998 - Art Céramique de Bai Ming, Maison d?Édition des Beaux-Arts du Jiangxi