Richard Texier


Richard Texier
(1955, Niort, France)

Richard Texier was born in 1955, in Niort, France. After setting up his nomad workshop around the world, from the Cordouan lighthouse to Moscow, to the Villa Noailles and New York, now he lives and works in Paris.
After receiving his degree in architecture in 1979, he became interested in art  and began to paint. In New York, he met Nan Jun Paik, Donald Judd and Joseph Beuys. He returned to France and in a short time obtained a PhD in Visual Arts at the Sorbonne, focusing on the subject of his thesis "Lune, l'autre paysage" (« Moon, the other landscape »). Since then, he has repeatedly recreated and transformed this poetic and personal image of the world, using elaborate techniques ranging from painting to photography, engraving and sculpture.

His works can be found in numerous public and private collections, in France and abroad. The Taiwan National Museum, the Luxembourg Museum, the Navy Museum in Paris, the Pavilion of Culture in Moscow and the Museum of Fine Arts in Shanghai hosted his personal exhibitions.
His monumental sculptures are present in many cities including Paris in front of the largest international train station, in Huaihuai Zhonglu in Shanghai, in the port of La Rochelle, in the city of Hyères, Massachusetts ....

His current work focuses on two lines of research:

The theme of hybridization, which he explores by the creations of mythical animals, Angel Bear, Mimesis, Unicorns .... bionic sculptures, in bronze, sometimes monumental, smooth and supple, open, pierced, traversed by a harmonic wave - they capture the unstable, the ephemeral of the world. Disengaged from the structural, anatomical or figurative constraints these liquide and weightless sculptures are at the frontiers of the aethereal.

The celebration of nature, named Pantheo-Vortex, a multimedia creation strategy to approach the mystery and the magical dimensions of existence, composed of a corpus of created images that revisit the animal,  vegetable kingdom and mineral kingdoms, asvwell as the sciences of life.

Exhibitions selected


Solo exhibitions

2014 - l'Alchimie du désir, Gallery Frémontier, Paris

2014 - Pantheo-Vortex, Gallery Guy Pieters, Saint-Paul de Vence

2008 - Créatures mythiques, Art Center Shangai, Shanghai

2007 - Opere recenti, Gallery San Carlo, Milan

2005 - West - East, Shanghai Museum of Fine Arts, Shanghai

2002 - Nomadic Atelier, Gallery Atelier 14, New York

2002 - Suite des droits de l'homme, 7 tapisseries d'Aubusson, Président-Jacques-Chirac Museum, Sarran

1992 - Moscow Art Center, Moscow

1991 - Territoires nomades, Musée des beaux-arts d'Angers, Angers

Group exhibitions

2017 - Ailleurs est ici, École des Filles-Espace d'art, Huelgoat

2017 - Art Paris Art Fair, Paris

2013 -  Universe of the Abstract  Masters and RichardTexier, Opera Gallery, Singapore

2006 - Art Paris, Grand Palais, Paris

2002 - Le Franc-Maçon en habit de lumière, Château de Tours, Tours

2000 - Art Paris, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris

1994 - Croquis à Croquer, Abbaye aux Dames, Saintes

1982 - FIAC, Claudine Bréguet Gallery, Paris

Works exhibited in public spaces

Angel Bear, Gare du Nord, Paris

Esprit du temps, Huaihuai Zhonglu, Shanghai

Les outils du navigateur, Port Atlantique de La Rochelle, La Rochelle

Unicorna Céleste, Esprit Sagan, Paris


2017 - Texier, Richard, Le Grand M, Paris, Editions Gallimard, collection Blanche

2015 - Texier, Richard. Nager. Paris, Editions Gallimard, collection Blanche

2014 - Cespedes, A., Ardenne, P., Cuir, R., Bianu, Z. & Labourdette, B. Richard Texier, Pantheo-Vortex. Art Press, 65p

2013 - Belbéoch, Henri. Richard Texier : Ateliers nomades. Quimper, Editions Palantines

2009 - Le Guillou, Philippe. Theoria sacra. Bazas, Editions Le Temps qu'il fait

2004 - Pennac, Daniel. Richard Texier : De l'abondance au Zénith. Paris, Editions Flammarion


2015 - Le signe Nomade, documentary about Farid Belkahia directed by Richard Texier

2013 - Gabrielle d'Estrée et la Mort de Cléopâtre, fictional short films on paintings of the museum of the Louvre realized by Richard Texier, aired on France 2

2008 - Rouge très très fort, documentary about Zao Wou-Ki directed by Richard Texier, aired on Arte