Thomas Andréa Barbey
(born in 1975 in Deauville, lives and works in Trouville-sur-Mer)

Thomas-Andréa Barbey graduated from the National School of Fine Arts in Paris-Cergy in 2003 (DNSEP) and the National School of Landscape of Versailles in 2009 (CESP), later he joins the team of Glassbox, a collective of Artists in Paris ( 2004 - 2007). He also collaborates for several years with the agency of landscape and urbanism TA KTY K, the agency awarded by the Ministry of Culture for its urban planning and architecture projects.

After several years of voluntary hiatus from the artistic scene to find an something new beyond, Thomas André Barbey puts in perspective his plastic work by playing with the exterior of the landscape, an inexhaustible field for research, open and stimulating. He was an artist selected for the Montrouge show in 2015 and resident at the international city of arts in Paris from 2016 to 2017.

Exhibitions selected

Solo and Grope Exhibition (Selection)

2018 - Salon du dessin, Saint-Denis

2018 - Résonance, Musée des Beaux Arts, Rouen

2018 - DOJO, Le Commun, Genève

2017 - Spolvero, Orange Gallery, Tirana, Albania

2017 - Bis repetita placent, Hôtel de ville de Serralongue, Serralongue

2017 - Nequid nimis, Fritz-weiner, Leipzig

2016 Residence cité internationale des Arts, Paris

2016 - Trois Aprés-midi d?été, Galerie Alain Coulange, Paris

2015 - Salon de Montrouge, Montrouge

2015 - ORAT IM, le 180, Rouen

2015 - Ningbo Art Museum, Ningbo, China

2008 Te Lemetrie, Cinémathèque québécoise, Montréal

2008- L?été des centres d?art, Espace Paul Ricard, Paris

2007 - CINE.MOV, Brick Ware House, Yokohama

2007 - Gorefont, Black Block, Palais de Tokyo, Paris

2006 - TELA TOT IUS TERRAE, Galerie de l'école Nationale des Beaux Arts de Cergy, Paris

2005 - Trait d'union, Centre Régional d?Art Contemporain, Sète

2005 - Ici Rever ici, ERBA, Tours

2004 - Plan 6/4, CRAC Languedoc-Roussillon, Séte

2003 - Oxymory, Frac Basse Normandie, Caen