École des filles

Literary festival

Literary festival "Wake up the sleeping water

08.06 - 08.28.2022

Summer of 13 Sundays

Beauty in movement

         With regard to the summer exhibition presented at the Ecole des Filles, the Summer of 13 Sundays is a literary event offered to the public every weekend of the season. More than an exhibition space, the Ecole des Filles is a space for sharing between artists, writers and the public. Sponsored this year by Mona Ozouf and Erik Orsenna, this summer's edition invites visitors to meet different personalities, literary, scientific or civil.

      Away from urban and tourist centers, the School is conducive to the smooth running of debates, based on our contemporary issues and concerns.

         This year, the theme of the meetings is "Waking up the sleeping water". Wave, flat, salty, cloudy, distilled, the plurality of water and the ecosystem that develops within it opens a wide perspective to debates, reverie and interpretations.

      The power of water is examined this summer through philosophical and artistic approaches, in parallel with the works on display. Visitors to the École des Filles are invited to take part in the debates and questions posed, to question themselves and the world on these common issues, and thus "wake up the sleeping water".

      From a poetic, scientific or ecological point of view, the debates around water will never run dry.

         To explore part of this unfathomable subject, L'École des Filles will welcome Vincent Doumeizel (La révolution des algues, Broché, 2022). Director of agri-food at the Lloyd's Register Foundation and ocean advisor to the UN, this saltwater sailor presents algae as a solution to new humanitarian and environmental challenges. Through an approach that is both scientific and historical, he demonstrates the benefits of seaweed on biodiversity and all the possibilities it offers to improve it.

      Following his exchange with the public, Régine Quéva (Les super-pouvoirs des algues, Larousse, 2022) will put her words into action by offering visitors a seaweed tasting.

      The double sponsorship of the 2022 edition of L'été des 13 dimanches by Erik Orsenna and Mona Ozouf offers the public the opportunity of a precious meeting with these personalities who have a sentimental link with the Breton country.

            The meeting with Erik Orsenna will allow the public to discover that it is not a freshwater sailor who hides behind the literary identity of the academician. A writer whose texts have been nourished by water, Erik Orsenna has travelled the seas and oceans. From the Island of Brehat, through Cape Horn and the Bering Strait to the Antarctic, his marine experience has made him a storyteller and a traveler beyond real and imaginary borders.

         The public will also have the privilege of exchanging this summer with Mona Ozouf, who will question the different ways of showing love for France. Her reasoning will focus on current events, looking at how election campaigns, and political campaigns more generally, express this love. The historian will expose her own feelings towards her country to carry out this analysis.

            Politics and the environment come together in the speech of Stéphane le Foll. The Minister Emeritus of Agriculture, Agri-Food and Forestry will present the International Carbon Cooperation and his project for an international federation to fight global warming.

         Thanks to the 2022 edition of the Summer of 13 Sundays, L'École des Filles offers you the opportunity to drink in the words of diverse personalities committed to culture and information. From 06 to August 28, water is in the spotlight for a refreshing artistic and literary escapade.




  • 06.08.22: "Testament Breton", Philippe Le Guillou, read +
  • 07.08.22: "L'eau un terrain vague", Erik Orsenna, Vincent Doumeizel, Régine Quéva, read +
  • 14.08.22: "Ecology: solutions without drowning the fish", Stephane Le Foll, Marc Bernard, Sami Tchak, read +
  • 21.08.22: "Cancel culture : between a real fight and a sword in the water", Emmanuel Pierrat, Catherine Gonnard, read +
  • 27.08.22: "Cap sur la condition féminine", Marina Chiche, Fabienne Brugère, Guillaume Le Blanc, read +
  • 28.08.22: "Going up the river to its source", Mona Ozouf, read +

Conferences from 3 pm.

Registration required, by e-mail to: contact@ecoledesfilles.org