Paul-Auguste Masui

Paul-Auguste Masui

from December 2nd to 01.31.2019

The Françoise Livinec Gallery is pleased to announce the Paul-Auguste Masui solo show, from April 2th in Matignon Gallery space.

Paul-Auguste Masui

(1888, Differdange, Luxembourg - 1981, Uccle, Belgium)

"The vision of Paul-Auguste Masui is sculptural, massive, he avoids any anecdote, goes over picturesque, goes to the essential, it's a strong painting, solidly structured. The artist choses to stay figurative with a distinctive taste for synthesis and a touch of expressionism. If the painting of Masui is a witness of its time, it is also timeless, with his strength of suggestion, his splendid palette, his singular personality."
Catherine Puget
, former curator of the Pont-Aven Museum

When he evokes a landscape, Paul-Auguste Masui supposes the close relation between inhabitants and nature to which they are exposed, with architecture sheltering them and rituals they created.

The fluidity of his brush expresses the union between fishermen and the sea, the domination of this dangerous element : from now on they are famous sailors.

Explosive colours
of his palette unify nature and characters, these last ones not being distinct anymore. He celebrates the intimate communion between man and nature.

His simplified compositions, at the border of abstraction, render the gravity and religiosity of procession movement in a long human beachcomber.

The meeting of Masui with this archaic beauty led him to create a pictorial revolution in which he gave free rein to his personality. The more his temperament is unveiled, the better he expresses the singularity of Brittany. This personal vision offers an extra touch of soul to all his works.

Solo exhibitions (selected)

2019 - Un expressionniste en Bretagne, Françoise Livinec Galerie, Paris, France
2017 - Ailleurs est ici, Ecole des filles, Huelgoat, France
2015 - Briser le toit de la maison - Le sacré dans l'art, Ecole des filles, Huelgoat, France
2013 - Quel temps fait-il ? Un climat de tableaux modernes et contemporains, Ecole des filles, Huelgoat, France
2012 - Pierre qui roule ? Les figures du paysage, Ecole des filles, Huelgoat, France
2011 - Un expressionniste en Bretagne, Jean-Joigny Space, France

2008 - Rétrospective de l'oeuvre bretonne, Pont-Aven Museum, Pont-Aven, France
2006 - Les peintres de Bretagne, Pont-Aven Museum, Pont-Aven, France

Public collections

- Fine Arts MuseumMusée des Beaux-Arts, Tournai, Belgium

- Charlier Museum, Bruxelles, Belgium
- Ixelles Museum, Bruxelles, Belgium
- Fine Arts Museum, Mons, Belgium
- Royal Museum, Mariemont, Belgium
- Carnavalet Museum, Paris, France
- Fine Arts Museum, Quimper, France
- City Museum, Bruxelles, Belgium
- Thijl Ulenspiegel Museum, Damme, Belgium
- Musée des Beaux-Arts, Verviers, Belgium
- Cagnes-sur-Mer Castle, Cagnes-sus-Mer, France
- Victoria and Albert Museum, London, England
- Centre de la gravure et de l'image imprimée, La Louvière, Belgium
- Library of Congress, Washington, United-States
- Cabinet des Estampes, Geneva, Swiss
- Pont-Aven Museum, Pont-Aven, France
- Chalcographie de Bruxelles, Belgium
- Cabinet des Estampes,Bibliothèque Royale Albert Ier, Bruxelles, Belgium

                                              Opening on December 2th