Chimères, un étonnement pour la vie

Bernadette Bour, Colette Deblé, Ge Bei, Bang Hai Ja, Patrick Hourcade, Jang Kwang Bum, Hur Kyung-Ae, Denise Le Dantec, Loic Le Groumellec, Jean-Marc Nicolas, Robert Combas et Jean-Luc Parant, Ni Tanjung

Chimères, un étonnement pour la vie

from July 11th to 08.30.2020

École des filles

From July 11, the exhibition « Chimères, an astonishment for life » will initiate new transversal dialogues in order to imagine tomorrow, initiate transitions, astonish for life.

Discover chimeras in Huelgoat with : the artistic chimera of Robert Combas and Jean-Luc Parant's confinement, the Chinese chimera, upheavals of Western abstraction, the metamorphoses of the subject, whether real or fantasized, and the material metamorphoses, a tribute to nature, linked to L'école des filles by its surrounding granite chaos and forest, having inspired poets and artists.

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