École des filles

5èmes Rencontres Victor Segalen

5èmes Rencontres Victor Segalen

05.25 - 05.28.2017

Summer of 13 Sundays


During the weekend of the Ascension, the 5th Meeting with Victor Segalen, at the ?École des filles?, will have as theme: the borders. During four days, authors, personalities, artists will question the singularity of the thought of Victor Segalen and its contemporary resonances.


Thursday 25th of May /
« Le normal et le pathologique »
Florence Lautrédou, Régis Airault, Irène Frain.

Friday 26th of May /
« Hier et aujourd'hui »

Daniel Nordman, Alain Rey,
Françoise Besse, Suzanne Julliard, Mona Ozouf.

Saturday 27th of May /
« Ailleurs et ici »
Vincent Moriniaux, Cédric Gras, Kenneth White.

Sunday 28th of May /
« Le sacré, le réel et l'imaginaire »
Colette Camelin, Sandrine Chenivesse, Jean-Claude Bologne.

from 15 heures

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