Réveiller l'eau qui dort

Thomas Andréa Barbey, Louise Barbu, Ronan Barrot, Salvatore Coccoluto, Patrick Hourcade, Takeshi Inaba, Jang Kwang Bum, Paul-Auguste Masui, Minsoon Moon, Juliette Paillou, Guillaume Scoazec Etcheverry, Marthe et Jean-Marie Simonnet, Zuka

Réveiller l'eau qui dort

from August 6th to 08.28.2022

École des filles

The Françoise Livinec gallery invests the walls of the Ecole des Filles for the thirteenth consecutive year, inspired by the theme "Wake up the sleeping water".
Located on the edge of the Huelgoat forest, crossed by numerous streams that have shaped the titanic monoliths scattered throughout the forest for thousands of years, the Ecole des Filles is a place in direct contact with nature and the enigmatic and timeless character of the water that flows in.

    In this exhibition, "Awakening the Sleeping Water" is more than a simple observation, but an act that fully engages our consciousness, where art and environment in symbiosis stimulate our spirit. This theme implies an esoteric journey through the eyes of artists sensitive to the multiple facets of water, but also to the singularity of the regional ecosystem. Like water, fluid, inconstant and polymorphous, memory lets buried memories resurface, while it lets others sink into oblivion. The works exhibited at the Ecole des Filles this summer bear witness to this elusive character.
    From Paul-Auguste Masui, whose work is animated by an expressionist touch that expresses the traditional soul of the region, viewers will be able to immerse themselves in the picturesque character of Breton folklore and landscape. Modern and contemporary artists take turns confronting visitors with various interpretations of the landscape and human nature. "Awakening the Sleeping Water" presents a historical view of Brittany and the artists' own analysis of the virtues of water.