La marge au centre

Thomas Andréa Barbey, Pascal Bourgeois-Moine, Salvatore Coccoluto, Takeshi Inaba, Elvire Jan, Choi Jun-Kun, Jang Kwang Bum, Hur Kyung-Ae, Loic Le Groumellec, Wei Ligang, Paul-Auguste Masui

La marge au centre

from March 7th to 04.08.2023

Galerie 24 Penthievre

Esthétique du divers

The gallery's program follows in the footsteps of Victor Segalen, curious about other civilizations and in search of ever more singular aesthetics.

This exhibition opens a dialogue between eras, between abstraction and figuration. The artists we present, recognized or emerging, tirelessly explore the margins to develop their creativity, thus placing themselves at the heart of artistic activity and in the history of art.