Art Paris 2022
  • Thomas Andréa Barbey,

  • Julie Béasse,

  • Ricardo Cavallo,

  • Pierre Célice,

  • Salvatore Coccoluto,

  • Bang Hai Ja,

  • Patrick Hourcade,

  • Takeshi Inaba,

  • Jang Kwang Bum,

  • Hur Kyung-Ae,

  • Loic Le Groumellec,

  • Minsoon Moon,

  • Marjane Satrapi,

  • Daniela Schlagenhauf,

  • Zuka,

Art Paris 2022

04.07 - 04.10.2022

Art fair

Grand Palais éphémère, Place Joffre

Does art copy life or does life copy art?

Under the luminous patronage of Oscar Wilde, the gallery will present works representing the landscape, others rendering the emotion of nature, beyond the usual divisions between abstract and figurative painting.

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