• Chuang Che,

  • Kim Dae Soo,

  • Matthieu Dorval,

  • Lionel Guibout,

  • Bang Hai Ja,

  • Toru Hamada,

  • Choi Jun-Kun,

  • Jang Kwang Bum,

  • Loic Le Groumellec,

  • Wei Ligang,

  • Won Sou-Yeol,

  • Kim Tae Ho,

  • Li Xin,

03.31 - 04.04.2016

Art fair

On the occasion of the Art Paris Art Fair 2016, Galeries Françoise Livinec will present a selection of artists representative of the Korean contemporary art history, in line with the artistic project directed by Françoise Livinec for several years : a quiet painting between Orient and Occident, with a poetic and singular aesthetic.

It is a true panorama of the Korean contemporary art created by Françoise Livinec to celebrate the 2015-2016 Franco-Korean friendship with 4 major artists : Won Sou-Yeol, Bang Hai Ja, Kim Tae Ho and Choi Jun Kun.