Art Paris 2024
  • Ouanès Amor,

  • Thomas Andréa Barbey,

  • Bernadette Bour,

  • Pascal Bourgeois-Moine,

  • Michel Carrade,

  • Ricardo Cavallo,

  • Gaëlle Cueff,

  • Ge Bei,

  • Françoise Giannesini,

  • Clarence Guéna,

  • Elga Heinzen,

  • Jang Kwang Bum,

  • Hur Kyung-Ae,

  • Sylvain Larrière,

  • Loic Le Groumellec,

  • Chloé Peytermann,

Art Paris 2024

04.04 - 04.07.2024

Art fair

On the occasion of Art Paris 2024, the year of the Olympic Games, the Galerie
Françoise Livinec will be presenting Elga Heinzen's Drapeaux series (1983-1985),
offering an artistic take on the national emblems she exhibited 40 years ago in the
United States.
The gallery is also taking part in the Art & Craft focus by curator Nicolas Trembley,
where it will be presenting Ge Bei, emblematic pieces of fabric from pre-Mao China.